Don't You Wait to See Ellis' Fair and Loverly Eliza Doolittle

There are few things as enchanting as rediscovering a once familiar musical through a new perspective.  Jennifer Ellis’ strong-willed Eliza Doolittle is not only a delight to watch, but a masterpiece of style and grace.  The Lyric Stage Company of Boston freshens the story of My Fair Lady into a modern take of capitalism, ambition, and human connection.  Director Scott Edmiston reimagines the world in the 1930s London, complete with top hats and empire waists, breadlines and soulful melodies.  This My Fair Lady feels even more accessible because of the nuanced acting by Ellis and the charming ignorance of Christopher Chew as Henry Higgins.  The sixteen cast members provide gusto and life to the challenging and lengthy musical making this fit perfectly as an intimate chamber musical with all of the excitement and expertise that the Lyric Stage Company of Boston is known throughout the region.  With an emphasis on storytelling this season, The Lyric brings a new story of rags-to-riches and poppy-cock-to-caviar dreams to its stage, but its heightened emphasis on treating people with dignity and finding the human connection that transcends class and economic status are themes worth dancing all night with this talented cast.

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