Fiddlehead Theatre's "Rent" Celebrates Life

Fiddlehead Theatre Company brings Rent to the Back Bay Events Center this February 2016, a celebration of the Jonathan Larson musical’s twentieth anniversary. They assemble some stunning talent to fill the large stage and auditorium, especially Scott Caron’s reflective Mark Cohen, Katie Howe’s expressive Maureen Johnson, and John Devereaux’s emotive Tom Collins. Director Stacey Stephens makes the musical a celebration and examination of the 1990s New York City living. The production, however, fails to resonate; not being a Rent-head, I didn’t see the appeal of returning to a bohemian way of life. As usual, I connected with Cristhian Mancinas-Garcia’s level-headed Benjamin Coffin III, and I wondered why we needed a Rent revival to prove my point of the skewed perspective of living life within this iconic musical. 

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