Four Charming Performers Treat Us To Extra-"Ordinary Days"

Flyleaf Theatre Company is one of the few companies in Berlin, Massachusetts and its surrounding areas, continuing its strong trend of introducing and performing new and edgy theatre productions.  Their newest production, Ordinary Days, is a song cycle about the way that four lives intersect in New York City in the most unexpected ways.  What could easily be cliché and trivial becomes beautifully simple and entertaining under the talented quartet, lead by Director Krisha Hoyt and Music Director J. Parker Eldridge.  The musical, a song cycle, succeeds under the charming commitment from its cast, Amanda Casale Eldridge (Claire), Jennifer Drummond Morotto (Deb), Skylar Grossman (Jason), and Joshua Wright (Warren), who excel at the challenging music full of life.  Their storytelling makes us feel like we have four new friends, a beautiful testament to the possible humanity and opportunity to connect with people in your twenties and thirties.

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