2015 Best Supporting Actress in a Musical Nominee: Katie Schiering as Beth Spencer in FUDGE Theatre Company's "Merrily We Roll Along"

Before we announce our 2015 ArtsImpulse Award Winners, we are proud to present our 2015 ArtsImpulse Nominee Interview Series. 

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Photo Credit: Ross Brown.

Photo Credit: Ross Brown.

Katie Schiering performed as the lovely and nuanced Beth Spencer, spanning over twenty years in The F.U.D.G.E. Theatre Company's final production, Merrily We Roll Along. Her Beth was vulnerable and sweet, and independent and hardened, a beautiful transformation by life's circumstances. In her Interview, Katie talks about her favorite Sondheim musicals, her proudest moments outside of the theatre, and the two famous women with whom she would have loved to have dinner!

Hi, Katie, and welcome to ArtsImpulse! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! Thank you for this opportunity. My name is Katie Schiering (formerly Katie Preisig; I got married this past summer 2015), and I am happy to be a performer in the Boston area, as well as a theater director and vocal coach for a children’s theater program in Wellesley, Massachusetts. I’ve been performing in Boston here and there for about 7 years. I’m originally from Groton, Massachusetts. I currently live outside the city with my husband and stepchildren.

Can you talk to us about your work in Merrily We Roll Along.  Who was Beth? 

Ahh, Merrily . . . such a dear show for me. It was the last FUDGE Theater Company show, and they’ve been a huge part of my life for the past 6 or 7 years. The show is ultimately about friendships . . . how they last and why they fail.

Beth is a lot of different things in the show, considering the show spans the length of twenty years. She starts off as a young woman, aspiring performer, a cheerfully naive southern girl. Her story ends with a very messy divorce. The show is told backwards though, so reverse that.

What were some of the challenges?  What were some of the highlights?

The biggest challenge was certainly the timeline of the show running backwards. I had to draw a map just to figure it all out. It wasn’t like we were in constant rewind . . . we were in a few consecutive scenes of one time period, then a few scenes of a few years before, then a couple scenes of a long time before, and so on . . . It’s genius, but complicated.

The challenge was also a highlight; I loved portraying 20 years of a character. People change so much so it was extremely dynamic.

Some of the cast in The F.U.D.G.E. Theatre Company's  Merrily We Roll Along  (Photo Credit:   Matt Phillipps Photography  ). 

Some of the cast in The F.U.D.G.E. Theatre Company's Merrily We Roll Along (Photo Credit: Matt Phillipps Photography). 

Have you performed other Sondheim?  If so, what roles? 

The only other Sondheim show I’ve been in was Assassins. I was Squeaky Fromme. It’s a really whacky show but I loved it. I like playing crazy characters. Squeaky was a nut case.

I have a funny story about that show. Squeaky has a picture of Charles Manson that she carries with her and fawns over. After the show closed, I must have put the picture in my wallet but I don’t remember doing so. It fell out one day when I was at a family party, and I had to explain why I had a wallet size photo of Charles Manson on me. They didn’t see the show, so it was hard to explain!

Are there any Sondheim roles that you would love to play?

I constantly change my mind with this one . . . I have never done Into the Woods and it’s the only Sondheim show on my bucket list. I go back and forth between The Witch and The Baker’s Wife.

What have been some of your favorite roles?  What are some other roles on your bucket list?

My top four have been Beth in Merrily We Roll Along, Louise in Gypsy, Holly in The Wedding Singer, and Kate McGowan in Titanic. My ultimate dream role is Eva Peron in Evita. I’ve been rehearsing for that role since I was 7 years old.

I also dream of playing Francesca in Bridges of Madison County, Kate in The Wild Party, Lucille in Parade, and the list goes on.

What is the last song that you sang at an audition or performance?   Why that song?

It’s been a while since I’ve performed, actually the last song I sang on stage was the finale of our closing performance of Merrily We Roll Along. That was an emotional moment, being that it was also FUDGE’s last performance as a company.

How have you grown as a person and performer in the last few years?

I’ve had the opportunity to play some rather difficult characters the last few years, which has really broadened my horizons as an actor. Also, my experience teaching and directing children’s shows has given me a whole new understanding on backstage and technical work. I’ve been doing everything from costuming, to set design, to choreographing, so I’ve had to learn to follow a larger vision.

Franklin Shepard (Jared Walsh) and Beth Spencer (Katie Schiering) in The F.U.D.G.E. Theatre Company's  Merrily We Roll Along  (Photo Credit:   Matt Phillipps Photography  ).

Franklin Shepard (Jared Walsh) and Beth Spencer (Katie Schiering) in The F.U.D.G.E. Theatre Company's Merrily We Roll Along (Photo Credit: Matt Phillipps Photography).

What have been some of your proudest moments outside of the theatre?

I’m proud of my family. My husband, stepchildren and I are a close unit and we keep getting stronger. I’m also very happy with how I’ve managed to keep up with my incredible friends and form some really strong bonds, despite my work and family schedule.

You have a date night on a Saturday.  What do you plan to do? 

If it’s been a really busy week, then Netflix on the couch is what I crave the most. However, a better date would be going into the city to see a show, tapas for dinner, and strolling through the Public Gardens.

If you could have a meal with two famous people, who would they be?  What would you talk about?  Most importantly, what would you eat?

Elaine Paige and Patti Lupone. I’d love to hear about how they each approached the role of Eva Peron, and how their experiences differed. I would definitely pick their brains for when I (if I) ever get to play this dream part of mine!

I think we’d have to eat at some fancy seafood place . . . they strike me as classy ladies who lunch. I’d love to eat oysters with them!

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I’m currently directing Willy Wonka Jr. in Wellesley, and am itching to get on the stage myself when the next opportunity comes along, but nothing on the books just yet.

Do you have anything else to share with our ArtsImpulse readers?

Thank you for taking the time to read about me! I’m honored to be nominated. I love the Boston theater community and hope to work with all of you lovely people in the future!